Request for Proposals

Welcome to “The Israeli Story”!

The past two and a half years have been marked by the Coronavirus pandemic that severely damaged the ability of individuals, initiatives and organizations to establish and build relationships with Israel and Israelis in a professional, educational or experiential framework. As such, Voices of Israel and the Foreign Ministry have committed ourselves to empowering the pro-Israel community by creating this opportunity for experiential programs in Israel.

“The Israeli Story” fund invites you to submit project proposals which present the unique and diverse story of the State of Israel to various international audiences with the goal of strengthening the positive perception of the State of Israel and combatting hate speech and incitement worldwide.

“The Israeli Story” is a joint collaboration between Voices of Israel- Together for Israel, the State of Israel – The Foreign Ministry and philanthropists worldwide.

On this page you can learn more about the application process, check if your organization meets our criteria, view the application form including documents required to submit and terms and conditions of the call for proposals.

   Please note: Voices of Israel receives applications throughout the year. A notification will be published if this policy changes.


Voices of Israel supports projects that advance its objectives.

Step 1

Submit a project proposal, including content and budget to be examined by the professional staff of Voices of Israel. If it meets our criteria, you will be invited to submit an updated proposal.

Submit a final proposal for review by our professional committees.


Step 2

Step 3

Project approval and signing of the funding agreement with Voices of Israel.