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Selected Programs and Projects

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European Jewish Association (EJA)


Two-day training program for 40 young Jewish leaders and pro-Israel activists from all over Europe providing them with tools and knowledge meant to empower and prepare them for combatting Antisemitism and advocating for the State of Israel in Europe. Sessions include learning about the Abraham Accords, modern manifestations of Antisemitism and the challenges in advocating on social media platforms and in public discourse. The “Bootcamps” build the next generation of European Jewish leaders enabling them to continue to advocate for Israel and combat Antisemitism.

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Israel Engage

Israel Engage is a virtual summit designed to equip student leaders on universities and colleges across North America with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence in order to effectively combat antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric on campus and on social media platforms.  Israel Engage training summit teaches students about Jewish indigeneity to the Land of Israel, how to advocate for Israel on social media, how to use the law to fight antisemitism, along with practical strategies to ensure campuses adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

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Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow ” program was established in order to create a bridge between young Israelis and young people from the Gulf states by creating joint forums, digital hackathons and mutual delegations. Thus, facilitating direct interpersonal dialogue between young people from Israel with their counterparts in UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, enabling them to demonstrate to international audiences the meaning of the Abraham Accords.


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Reservists on Duty

Diplomat is a flagship leadership program in the field of public diplomacy. Diplomat trains 120 students on 6 campuses throughout Israel, providing them with professional, in-depth training and tools for better understanding Israel in today’s context as well as a historical perspective. The program prepares the students to better share the truth about Israel and combat incitement against Israel on social networks. Upon completion of the training, the students lead projects and activities on social media platforms.


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Genesis Prize Foundation with Matan: Investing in the Community

Genesis Prize Competition “Speak Out for Israel.” Voices of Israel partners with the Genesis Prize Foundation and Matan: Investing in the Community to support 25 Israeli organizations whose projects expand the Israeli discourse beyond the conflict.

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South African Zionist Federation

“Blankets of Hope,” a tikun olam project aimed at improving the perception of Israel and strengthen support for Israel from local South African churches. The project included distribution of warm soup and thousands of blankets branded “With love from Israel” to the homeless. 

America Israel Friendship League

The America-Israel Friendship League builds and mobilizes support for Israel and strengthens the relationship between the two countries through people-to-people exchanges. A leadership delegation to Israel of the US National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) for a week-long professional visit to educate on political realities in the Middle East through a series of meetings and briefings; covering social, economic, and geopolitical issues relating to Israel and its neighbors; promoting the understanding of the vital historic friendship between the United States and Israel by NAAG state and local chief law enforcement representatives.

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I like Israel

“I Like Israel” (ILI) events provide an opportunity to move beyond the negative news items about Israel in the German press and to showcase the achievements of the Jewish state. ILI hosted a first-of-its-kind conference, held in Frankfurt, Germany, with 150 pro-Israel activists from across Europe and Israel. The conference included peer joint learning sessions, networking, and round table discussions to enhance the capacities of the professional staff of pro-Israel organizations working to improve the perception of Israel in Europe.


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The MirYam Institute

The MirYam institute champions rigorous debate about Israel, led by Israelis who hold diverse opinions, but who are unified in their dedication to a flourishing Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. MirYam organized a delegation to Israel that included graduate and postgraduate students from around the world studying for degrees in international law, public policy, and communications at some of the most elite universities, many of whom are likely to be the policy makers of tomorrow. The program delved into the complexities and truths about Israel and the Middle East.

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Israel Allies Foundation

The Israel Allies Foundation is a non-governmental organization that encourages cooperation between faith-based supporters of Israel in 40 parliaments and legislatures worldwide, who endorse the right of Israel to exist within secure borders. In cooperation with Voices of Israel, IAF organized its annual faith-based diplomacy conference in Jerusalem, which brought together caucus chairpersons to discuss joint strategy and set policy relating to important Israeli initiatives for the upcoming year.

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Hasbara Fellowships

Hasbara Fellowships is a pro-Israel campus leadership program working with over 80 universities across North America. Voices of Israel supports Hasbara Fellowship leadership training delegations of students to Israel. The program brings student leaders to tour, learn, and participate in simulations, which provided participants with important information and tools to be used in their capacity of educators about Israel when they return to their campuses

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Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation

The Ohr Torah Stone Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation (CJCUC) is dedicated to religious dialogue, mutual understanding, and active cooperation between Jews and Christians. Voices of Israel helped fund a delegation of African and US United Methodist Church leaders to Israel. The delegation met with leaders of Israeli industry in the fields of water, agriculture, and medicine, as well as with Israeli public officials, to obtain a better understanding of modern-day Israel and to coordinate humanitarian aid for Christians facing financial hardship in the birthplace of Christianity and in other areas in the Middle East.

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Conexion Israel

Conexion Israel brings business people, decision makers, politicians, and journalists to Israel to learn about the most important Israeli innovations and technologies, to strengthen growth and development in Latin America, and to nurture ties of cooperation with Israel. Voices of Israel funded a delegation to Israel of senior Mexican religious leaders, who toured strategic geopolitical areas and met with top Israeli innovators.

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Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings is a global pro-Israel community that focuses on bridging friendships across cultural divides. Voices of Israel supported two delegations to Israel of young leaders from  Brazil and the US, where they gained tools to help serve as educated ambassadors for Israel in various aspects of their lives and leadership, now and in the future.

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Heroes for Life

Humanitarian missions of young Israelis after military service in developing countries in Latin America, Africa and India. Read an article about the project published on Forbes.

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The annual conference of the umbrella organization of Jewish students worldwide for 2022.

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Delegations and conferences for European decision makers.

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National Black Empowerment Council

Delegations of young African-American leaders from the fields of government, business, high-tech to Israel for about a week.

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Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies in Tel Aviv University

A delegation of senior faculty members from academic institutions from various countries for an in-depth geo-political tour of Israel and a practical workshop for about a week.

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Operating delegations to Israel of American minority groups who come to get to know the country, an Israeli experience and meeting diverse Israeli figures.

Running delegations to the USA of Sharaka activists from Israel and the countries of the Abraham Accords to the USA presenting to diverse audiences the Jewish-Arab partnership in the Middle East.

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The annual world congress in Israel with participants from 60 different countries for a week.

An educational congress that took place in Argentina with the participation of over 300 Jewish teachers and educators from across the US, South and Central America for a week.

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Delegation of American academics (Faculty Fellowship).