Our Vision

Strengthen efforts to create a positive perception of the State of Israel in the international arena.

Our Mission

Enhance the image of Israel in the global arena and combat hate speech and incitement against the State of Israel worldwide, by providing Knowledge, funding, and creating a partnership platform that empowers and promotes the work of the pro-Israel community.

Our Values

Wide Tent


Voices of Israel has a joint venture agreement with the State of Israel led by the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Combat Antisemitism..

Voices of Israel – Together for Israel is a public benefit company. The fundamental goals of Voices of Israel are to enhance the image of Israel in the global arena and combat delegitimization and new antisemitism worldwide, using tools of public diplomacy. Voices of Israel provides funding to like-minded groups that promote programs consistent with the objectives of Voices of Israel. Voices of Israel supports and fosters cooperation within the network of pro-Israel organizations in Israel and abroad, using a range of tools, such as mapping, planning, and research; organizing delegations of thought leaders to Israel; facilitating social media engagement and campaigns; empowering initiatives of organizations in the pro-Israel network; building professional capabilities and advancing innovative and creative endeavors that promote a positive perception of Israel and combat hate and incitement against the State of Israel.

Voices of Israel is led by a volunteer board of directors.

Voices of Israel’s activity and funding are based on a partnership between philanthropists, organizations and a joint venture agreement with the State of Israel and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

Voices of Israel began its activities in 2018.


Micha Lakin Avni, Chairman of the Board

Micha is the founder and CEO of the Peninsula Group, a public benefit company that offers credit solutions to small and medium-size businesses in Israel. In the past, Micha was a general partner in the Jerusalem Global Ventures fund, as well as an attorney at Yigal Arnon & Co., a leading law firm.

Micha was listed among The Marker’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015, 2016, and 2018. After his father was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in October 2015, Micha began to work untiringly to found a movement to eliminate incitement on social media. He is a human rights activist, and lives with his wife and four children in Tel Aviv.

Micha holds a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University and the Recanati School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. 

Lior Weintraub, CEO


Smadar Haviv, Finance Director  

Smadar@Voices of Israelisrael.org

Navah Edelstein, Vice President


Navah was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Miami, before her family returned to Israel in her teens.

Navah has over ten years of experience managing projects, external relations, and public diplomacy.

She worked as coordinator at the Division for Advancement and External Relations at the Hebrew University, and in customer management for corporate events and productions at Innovision. She also headed the Department for Foreign Relations at the National Union of Israeli Students, served as a representative of Israel in the European Student Union, and was a member of the World Union of Jewish Students.

Navah completed the leadership program at StandWithUs, and served as an emissary for the Jewish Agency in summer camps in the US.

She joined Voices of Israel in 2019, managing projects and cooperation with the community of pro-Israel organizations.

Navah earned a BA in sociology and liberal arts from the Hebrew University, an MA in organizational development from Bar-Ilan University, and trained in group facilitation at Gishot Group.