What is the political affiliation of Voices of Israel?

Voices of Israel – Together for Israel is non-partisan and apolitical, and does not have a political affiliation.

Do you work with my competitors?

Voices of Israel – Together for Israel works with the entire pro-Israel network and does not promise exclusivity.

What organizations do you work with?

Voices of Israel – Together for Israel assists a variety of organizations in the pro-Israel network in Israel and around the world. Refer to the "Our Portfolio"  page for examples of organizations.

Does Voices of Israel have a certificate of proper management from the Registrar of Associations and a certificate under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance?

Voices of Israel has a certificate of proper management of the Registrar of Associations and a certificate under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

For donations outside Israel, click here for more information.

How can I contact you? I have a question to which I cannot find an answer here.

You can contact us by email at info@voicesofisrael.org or by phone at +972 3-7251121, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I apply for funding from Voices of Israel?

Submit an application here.

Who finances Voices of Israel?

Voices of Israel is in a joint venture with the State of Israel and receives state funding.  In addition, it receives donations from private donors worldwide.

Who is eligible for funding?

Voices of Israel provides funding for not-for-profit projects and programs by incorporated entities and organizations, consistent with its objectives.

Is it possible to submit more than one project proposal?

Yes, an organization may submit more than one proposal.

What are the areas of activity that are eligible for funding?

The areas of activity of “The Israeli Story” include:

  1. Promoting experiential, educational and professional activities in Israel or topics related to Israel.
  2. Creating dialogues and coalitions with diverse target audiences such as organizations, institutions, and movements holding a variety of outlooks and representing various social and ethnic sectors in order to enhance the positive perception of the State of Israel.
  3. Motivating the Israeli public to participate in activities aimed at sharing the authentic story of Israel with target audiences worldwide.
  4. Advancing positive media coverage of the State of Israel in the international arena as a diverse, vibrant and liberal democracy.

Details on each of the topics can be found here.

What documents need to be submitted with the proposal application?

The list of documents can be found here.

Must I submit my proposal using the online application form?

Yes, applications must be submitted on the Voices of Israel website using the online application form.

When is the deadline for submitting an application?

Until further notice, Voices of Israel will receive applications throughout the year.

The professional committee will meet in January to review the first round of applications.

If we receive funding, will the name of the project and our organization be made public?

Yes, the name of your organization and content of the projects selected for funding will be showcased on Voices of Israel's website and available for review by the public. Voices of Israel and The Ministry of Strategic Affairs may publicize the projects for example in; annual reports, traditional media, and social media sites.

Our organization has not engaged in pro-Israel activity and we have no experience in the field. Can we apply?

Yes, one of the goals of the RESTART Fund is to expand the organizations involved in strengthening the positive perception of the State of Israel and in the fight against hatred and incitement against the State of Israel.

We have an idea for a project that is not one of the topics you have listed. Will the proposal still be reviewed?

No, we would love to hear about ideas for pro-Israel activities, but we will not be able to support the project as part under the ”Israeli Story” RFP.

What are the criteria for eligibility and approval of proposals?

Proposals will be considered based on the following criteria (for more information click here):

a. Quality of the submitting organization
b. Quality of the proposed program
c. Originality and innovation
d. Cost-effective budget

Significant priority will be given to programs that will operate in the following ways;

  1. Experiential activities in Israel or topics related to Israel for influential audiences from various fields.
  2. Activity with diverse audiences to create a foundation for follow-up and relationships with relevant audiences in Israel.
  3. Motivation of the Israeli public to engage in relevant activities
  4. Activity in the digital sphere, emphasizing activity on social media networks - Online Engagement:
    1. Mobilizing thought leaders to be active on social media
    2. Mobilizing diverse audiences to be active on social media
  5. Collaboration between at least three organizations.
What is the proposal evaluation process?

Proposal evaluation and approval is conducted in six stages - for more information see section 6 of the Call for Proposals:

  1. Preliminary examination of the proposal and discussion with the applicant
  2. Submission of the final version of the proposal
  3. Review by the professional committee and formulation of a recommendation
  4. Review of the recommendation by the professional committee by the Board of Directors and Projects Steering Committee of Voices of Israel.
  5. Contracting procedure conducted by the Engagements Committee of Voices of Israel, in accordance with the approved contracting procedure.
  6. Signing of the agreement between Voices of Israel and the applicant.


How soon will we know if our proposal has been approved?

We will do our best to give the answers within 90 days from the time the final proposal is submitted.

Is there a cap on the amount of funding we can request?


How much do we need to raise to be eligible for funding?

The applicant must present proof a donation of 50% of the project cost.

Is it possible to submit a request for funding by Voices of Israel that exceeds 50% of the cost of the proposed project?


Does the matching donation raised by the applicant have to come from one donor?

No. It is possible to apply funding from several sources and donors to reach 50% of the proposed budget.

When will we receive the Voices of Israel portion of the funding for the project?

The part of the funding provided by Voices of Israel will be transferred to the organization within 60 days after the completion of the project, after a performance (content and financial) report is filed and approved by Voices of Israel.