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Dear Applicant,
You are about to fill out your application proposal for the Emergency project: “Winning the war on the Israeli story”. For your convenience, in order to assist you in preparing your application, you can review all topics and sections that must filled in in order to complete your application form and submit it online. Please note, that you can save the information entered in the online application, but you must complete each section before proceeding to the next. After all the sections have been completed, you can go back to the previous sections to edit them.
Good luck!

To improve the efficiency of the filing process under the call for proposals, we have uploaded our generic agreement, which every applicant whose proposal has been accepted will be required to sign. Please attach to your proposal any question or comment you may have with respect to the agreement. VOI shall examine the comments and decide, in its sole discretion whether to accept or reject them.  We clarify that the mere call to go over the agreement and submit comments may not be construed as an undertaking by VOI to engage with any applicant.

All rights in the agreement are reserved. Applicants may not save, copy, forward to any third party or use the agreement in any other manner.

The part of the funding provided by Voices of Israel will be transferred to the organization within 60 days after the completion of the project, after a performance (content and financial) report is filed and approved by Voices of Israel.


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Maximum file size: 516MB